January 19, 1942

This has been a very quiet day, not only on Corregidor, but also at the front. There have been no planes over here, and none to amount to anything over Bataan. In addition to having our pursuit keep an eye out for hostile planes over our front, we have also placed some AA artillery near the front. Between the two, I don’t believe the Jap aviators like to take a chance on flying over the front. As it is, our pursuit went out this morning and shot down two more Jap planes. Unfortunately, they shot down one of ours—the first loss in aerial combat for a long time. A significant piece of information came in today—the Japs are reported to be digging in on the front of the 57th Infantry. If this is true, it may indicate that the Japs will make no effort to take Bataan after initial lack of success, and will try to starve us out. Of course they may succeed—providing they wait long enough. However, they ought to figure that every day is in our favor, for it is purely a question of time before their bubble will burst. Personally, I am looking forward to being a member of our Army of Occupation in Japan. We are starting the seventh week of the war today, and much can happen in another seven weeks. Apparently the landing on the west coast of Bataan didn’t materialize. At least there is no report of activity on west coast today. Still have the cold.

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