Sat. Jan. 24/42

Cecil, Willie and I go to the Pasay Municipal to get our third hypodermic injection for typhoid, dysentery and cholera. We had two injections while we were in the camp. Due to crowded conditions in the camp, lack of sanitation disposal in the city, there is a fear of epidemics of disease. In the p.m. Cecil and I went to the headquarters of the of the Japanese forces in order to hand in a report I had written out of our activities, work, budget, and staff. It was required. The men were very kind and friendly to us. Had a long talk about the nature of our work, and on our way back to the main street (we were in Intramuros) we saw the effect of the bombings that took place earlier in the war. The corner of Intramuros next to the post office is a shamble over to the Concentration Camp. Saw Ernest at the front gate and gave him some clean clothes. Returned home tired.

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