January 27, 1942

The Japs are still holding out at Agloloma Bay and Pucat Hill. We shelled the Pucat Hill area again at 7:15 this a.m., using 12-inch mortars from Fort Mills, but the Japs held out. Why our troops can’t wipe them out is a puzzle to me. In addition, another force, possibly 100, has landed on the first ridge north of Agloloma Bay. There are now three distinct groups of Japs on the west coast in rear of our lines. They are all being contained at present, but that is not sufficient—they should be wiped out. We are moving supplies out of Bataan to Fort Mills in preparation for any eve tuality on Bataan. We moved Class C rations night before last—two barge loads—and another barge of oil.13 Last night we moved more rations and some small arms ammunition. Tonight we will move more of all of those things, and some engineer materials. The movement will continue for at least a week.

Today we begin the eighth week of the war. Most of the past eight weeks has been a fight against odds. I predict that by the time another eight weeks has elapsed we will be well on the upgrade. I do not believe in this talk of a long war. I believe that the scales are trembling in the balance right now, and that another four weeks will see decisive odds in our favor. I believe that the Jap war effort can blow up in a very short time. In the meantime, we will hang on to Corregidor and keep the flag flying here.

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