January 29, 1942

A report came in this afternoon that the 57th Infantry has just about cleaned out its area at Longoskawayan Point. They have driven the Japs out to the end of the point, which is a cliff, and a sheer drop to the China Sea below. The Japs are reported to be jumping off the cliff to their deaths to avoid being captured. It is hard to do much with troops of that kind in front of your forces. One of the Japs who was captured a few days ago stated that he might never be able to return to Japan (although he desired very much to go back) because he had been disgraced by permitting himself to be captured. Today has also been very quiet here and at the front. Not much activity along the entire line. The Jap tactics appear to be based entirely on pushing in here and there with slight forces to determine lightly defended areas, and thereafter an infiltration through such areas to form a force in the rear of sufficient size to constitute a threat. They work such forces through quietly during the night. Diversions may be created in other areas by infiltration of a few individuals who yell and shoot off firecrackers to simulate a large force.

It is an odd war, to say the least. I still have a slight sore throat. Had to see the doctor again this a.m. and he told me to get more sunlight and fresh air, as the dust in the air in the tunnel was an irritant to my throat.

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