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January 31, 1942

Had a very interesting trip around the island today with Gen. Moore— Commanding Harbor Defenses. He wanted to show me the general layout of the defense of Corregidor, supply storage, etc. We spent about 3 1⁄2 hours in making the trip and it was very interesting. It would be difficult for one unfamiliar with the island to find all the places we visited, for the defenses are not apparent to the casual observer. I was very favorably impressed with the steps that have been taken to improve the defenses, and I’ll venture that if the Japs try to land here they will get a reception long to be remembered by those who survive. I was again struck by the beauty of this island. Every point of land gives a different outlook and a different view, and all are beautiful. An artist could put his easel down on any one of a hundred different points of land and secure a beautiful picture. There are any number of wooded roads along the edge of the island, and the drive in itself was a delight. My pleasure in the trip may have been due, in part, to the fact that it was such a change from the close confinement of the tunnel.

Everything continues to be fairly quiet along the front. They are still trying to clean out the Japs at Agloloma Bay and Quinauan Point. The Jap forces at these two places are restricted to small areas at the end of points of land, and are fighting desperately. The front in each case is very limited as flanks of both sides rest on the waters.