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February 2, 1942

Apparently they had a nice party with the Jap barges trying to make a landing last night. They were discovered early in the evening, and everyone alerted, including Air Corps. The Air Corps sent out four planes loaded with bombs at about 11:15 p.m. They dropped a total of 36 one-hundred-pound bombs and fired 10,000 rounds of ammunition at barges loaded with Jap troops. In the meantime the artillery also took them under fire as they moved in toward Agloloma Bay. Result—many barges sunk, others full of holes and beached with dozens of dead Japs in them. Most of the force appears to have been wiped out. A few may have landed.

We are due to receive another shipload of rice tomorrow morning, as the Legaspi is scheduled to return tonight. The Navy is sending two motor torpedo boats down south as far as Mindoro to meet her and escort her into the harbor. She is supposed to carry 15,000 sacks of rice, so I hope she makes the trip safely. It has been fairly quiet along the front today. Our troops are doing better work all the time, for they were green when they started, but are learning the hard way. They are showing a great deal more determination, and it is possible now to get them forward in a real attack, whereas it has been difficult, due to their lack of knowledge of formations and procedure. As time goes on they will undoubtedly continue to improve.