February 3, 1942

Our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Jerry came early on the back porch where we meet as he carries out the garbage cans and thus has an excuse if caught talking to me. He brought sugar he had boiled down from dark and dirty cakes. Later he brought a box of candy he had secured with great difficulty from town and said he would knock my block off if I gave any out! Also brought a piece of celery and two infinitesimal tomatoes. Just like a picnic box. The kids started school again.

Some of the improvisations for the delivery of baby John Hay:—A silver drawer was the crib, a piece of unfolded gauze as tiny mosquito net, a bath towel cut into wash cloths, a flannel nightgown from the army post infirmary cut into two shirts and two bands, the ether cone—a tea strainer with cotton in it. The nurse warms the bedpan by Sitting on it before giving it to the patient.

Volley ball on the enclosed tennis court on the men’s half of it brings everyone out after supper. Lines are drawn –red on the men’s side, white on the women’s; a wide gulf between is marked “Keep off.” We have to yell all our conversations and grousings. These lines were painted the day the missionaries returned.

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