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Feb. 4 — 42

We’re off again, with only two days rest. Supposed to be 50 Japs made a landing at Sasiam Lake. We packed up bag and baggage, and left at 10’clock. Sweated out 6 dive – bombers all the way. Arrived at Sisiam at 3 o’clock and unloaded. At 3:15 P.M., we started down a narrow trial leading to the beach, five kilometers away. I was carrying 200 rds of 30 cal. ammunition, slung around my neck plus my rifle, gas mask etc. We advanced about 150 yds into the woods, when suddenly machine guns opened upon us. Ambushed—.

We formed a line immediately, and opened fire. We couldn’t see anyone. In a lull in the firing, a bullet just grazed my helmet, coming from the rear. I told my Buddy, and we went around to the opposite side of the tree we were
behind, and proceeded to keep a sharp watch. About 10 minutes later our efforts were rewarded by seeing leaves end empty cartridge cases, falling out of a tree, twenty yards in our rear, and a bit to our right. He was a Japanese sniper.

We stayed there till daw the next day, after having been reinforced during the night by a company of Filipinos.