February 5, 1942

Again it has been a quiet day as far as operations are concerned. There was some activity at Quinauan Point, as they finally reported the area had been cleaned up. One officer who had been there reported that he had counted 175 dead Japs, and he saw only part of them. It was similar to the Longoskawayan operation—they don’t give up, so it is a battle to the finish and very few prisoners are taken. It is rather astonishing to me when they can accomplish nothing by being killed.

It is strange the way the Japs operate, as they don’t press our line at all. In fact, they pull back from close contact, probably to avoid punishment by our artillery. Our patrols on the right report that they can go as far forward as Balanga without encountering opposition. If we only dared to undertake offensive operations we could probably exterminate a large proportion of their force. However, due to lack of ammunition we don’t dare to operate offensively. Such an operation would result in very heavy expenditures, and would only jeopardize the accomplishment of our strategic mission. As things stand now, we are going to run out of ammunition before we are relieved—at least we will run out in Bataan. I am surprised that it has lasted this long, as we had only a portion of our requirements.

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