Friday, February 6, 1942

States mail! At least so everyone thought. Yesterday there was a rumor on Central that 2,000 bags of mail for Negros Island had arrived in Bacolod from transports bringing troops and supplies to P.I. Today when messenger of Central returned from daily trip to post office in Bacolod he brought many letters. My heart beat with joy as he handed me letters in familiar handwriting, with the censor’s stamp and other postal and military markings. The familiarity of the handwriting was due to the fact that it was my own, The letters were to Jim’s mother and aunts in the States which, after resting in the Bacolod P.O., had been returned to sender because there were no boats from this port. Others on the Central who had posted letters for the U.S. and Manila since the outbreak of war also had heavy mail today. Mrs. Woods had eleven such letters returned.

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