February 7, 1942

Today completes two months of the war, and a great deal has happened in that time. Here we are besieged on an island and the tip of a peninsula without much in the way of either food or ammunition. Of course we are fairly well fixed on Corregidor, but it is somewhat of a hand to mouth existence on Bataan. The Jap force on Quinauan Point was finally cleaned out today. It took the same kind of work as the previous one at Longoskawayan Point. The Japs simply would not give up or surrender so there was no alternative except to fight to the end. After the Japs were driven to the end of the point it was reported by the officer in charge that “sixteen naked Japs took to the water and started to swim away. Fifteen were shot and one was captured.” It developed later that the captured one was wounded and didn’t give up voluntarily. These Japs must be selected for the landing operations, for they are an unusual group to be willing to die to the last man. There is some report tonight of another attempt to land in the vicinity of Quinauan Point. Some boats and barges are reported in the vicinity. One small force still remains along the Anyasan River and an effort is now being made to clear out that place. Some small skirmishes have taken place on the front today, but nothing of real consequence. All attacks of the Japs appear to be expensive to them these days.

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