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Feb. 8 — 42

We surrounded the Japs into two groups right down on the beach. We gave them a chance to surrender, but it was refused. My outfit held a section on the right facing the water, (N). The same day Japanese planes flew over and dropped supplies, but we intercepted them all.

That night a Japanese landing party tried landing by sea. It was approximately mid-night full moon. From midnight till 3 A.M., they tried to land but we held them off. We had help from the artillery, and also two P-40’s from my own Sq’dn, bombed, and straffed the landing barges. The artillery and planes are really the ones who stopped them.

The next morning, there were about 20 barges floating aimesley around. One was near the beach, and a couple of the fellas swam out and looked at it. There was nothing there but some old bread, a rifle, and plenty of blood.

The artilliary sank all the barges they could.

When the first landing began, a Japanese navy vessel threw a couple of shells at the beach where we were; but the lights at Boa-Boa Pt. picked it up, and the guns from Corregidor drove it out of range.