February 11, 1942

Another quiet day except for some exchanges of shots between our batteries at Frank and a couple of Jap batteries on the south shore of Manila Bay. The Jap batteries were silenced and direct hits on both were reported. Our artillery has been very effective, and the Jap prisoners report that it is “terrible.” We do know that on several occasions the Japs were caught in mass formation by our artillery and results were disastrous for the Jap. There is still one pocket of Japs on the west coast near the Silaiim River. The Anyasan River pocket was cleaned out yesterday, and only a few remain. Apparently they have given it up as a bad job, for they don’t seem to be making any further effort to send reinforcements. Reports still come in that the Japs are getting more and more defensive in their attitude. It is reported that guns are mounted along the bay in Manila to repel an attack—barbed wire has been erected, barricades constructed, and it was reliably reported that troops in Manila were prepared to move out to the north on short notice.

We have the Legaspi down south now getting rice, sugar, and any other edibles available. She made the run down safely. If she makes the return trip safely it will be a big help on the subsistence. We are also getting another ship ready to go out—the Yusang. She will be ready to sail in a few days.

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