February 11, 1942

This was a big day for the Nips! The Foundation Day of the Great Japanese Empire, which was started 2602 years ago! The morning Nishi-Nishi was filled with crowing over Japanese successes. They had done well! These little men that we never took quite seriously.

Today the Rising Sun flag waved over the High Commissioner’s Office, Fort Santiago, Malacañan, and other public buildings. This was just one city! How many more cities and countries would their flag wave over before they were stopped?

Mr. Nagy sent me a box of chocolates with a note cleverly concealed in one of the wrappers. After Catesy and I read the last part of his note, we had our first good laugh in days. In his careful English he had written, “I visited your apartment yesterday, and I noticed that your girl, Adoracion, had conceived, and that it was plainly visible. So I asked her, ‘Adoracion, are you married?’ And she had answered with bowed head, ‘No sir, but I am disgraced!’”

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