February 24, 1942

A package from Ismael with olives, chicken spread, from our own stores, plus Bedie’s and Jerry’s shorts!

June made herself a sunsuit out of a Red Cross triangle bandage!

The one time as crimson and furious was when they took the safety deposit key where the very old jade pin, the black opals, the pearl and other pieces were all listed conveniently. I swore I would get back the jade it if took thirty years of tracking down. Perhaps they only want cash or securities. I still have three pieces elsewhere—the diamond bracelet, the Peking jade engagement ring and Grandmother’s diamond ring. I left my checkbook on the bed in plain sight where it was passed over completely. This small detail may keep us alive for weeks someday. We still know nothing of our house and the ancient Chinese Celadon plates which is the most that matters of our

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