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Saturday, March 7, 1942

Mr. Worster (son of Dean Worster) and Mr. Wilson (owner of Wilson Building, Manila) here today. Now in Marine Reserve Corps. Many prominent business men now in armed forces and in new uniforms assume new importance. Mr. Woods quite conscious of uniform when in full dress, including cap, of the “home guard.”

Funeral of Mrs. White yesterday. Died at 4:00 a.m. and buried at 4:00 pm. same day. No embalming service available now. Second funeral (white) on the Central in 20 years so all native employees (hundreds) lined road to see show, but were disappointed when there was no band, no parade of soldiers in uniform with guns and bayonets, no plumes or pom-poms on horses drawing hearse, no tremendous wreaths of brilliant red, yellow, and purple paper flowers. Same afternoon a Filipino funeral from Silay Catholic Church with all the trimmings, and people quickly lost interest in our cortege. We had one delay before start of the procession, when hearse had to wait while attendant patched innertube for flat tire.