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March 8, 1942

Feast of San Juan de Dios, patron saint of a hospital bearing his name. The civilian occupants are members of the different religious communities: the sisters, six doctors, a seminarian and a Japanese physician. The hospital is being occupied by the military.

The kindness with which the sisters serving as infirmarians attend to the sick people seems to surprise the wounded soldiers who reciprocate in the best way they can through whatever gifts they could offer. They communicate only through signs.

The Japanese physicians are working day and night, operating full scale. The wounded are being brought in continuously. They are placed on ordinary chairs one after the other and operated on the spot, their hands and feet amputated or bullets extracted from them.

The doctors seem to be working on cadavers, without anesthesia or chloroform. The soldiers neither cry in pain nor express any complaint. They are true Spartans, these Japanese.