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March 9, 1942

The Java situation looks grave and I suppose Rangoon can’t hold out very long. Treachery entered into both these situations. In this war it seems superior numbers and equipment aided by internal treachery count the most. Personal bravery doesn’t count so much as it did in other wars. Tanks and machine guns and armored cars can plow through any bravery, unless said bravery is riding in armored cars with machine guns too.

The Japanese viewpoint toward death is also a major factor. It seems it is an honor to die for the Emperor, and even if it weren’t an honor, the officers do not dare surrender. If they do they must commit suicide or be killed if they ever return to home base.

We hear that Homma, the Commanding General here, has committed suicide because he had not taken Corregidor within the prescribed time limits. Hope it’s true. He is said to have done the deed in General MacArthur’s apartment, in the Manila Hotel, right in front of a life-size portrait of the general. Treasure Island reports the suicide but they are often off-beam.

Extra tonight announces the fall of Java. A rich prize, the best yet for the yellow boys.