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March 13, 1942

The second and last leg of the trip to the south should have been completed by Gen. MacArthur and his staff last night. I haven’t heard yet but am sure they made it in good order. Sharp is very slow about informing us on matters that are important. Had a busy day today trying to keep up with the work and catch up the loose ends of things that were in process before I came into this office. Among other things I find that there is considerable radio business with President Quezon which I have to handle. In that matter Col. Roxas is a tremendous help. He is secretary to President Quezon. Another officer who is invaluable is Col. Romulo in his capacity as head of press relations. I don’t know what I would do without them. Also, Col. Sledge has been a tower of strength these past few days. I am using him as my assistant—in the place formerly filled by Wilson. He keeps people off my neck.