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March 19, 1942

Still haven’t heard anything from Gen. MacArthur. I send him the daily operations report, and have asked him numerous questions as to procedure and policy, but I get no reply. It is very difficult to operate under these conditions because I have no power to act. If I had complete authority I would go ahead as though I were in command, because I know what needs to be done. Also, it appears that the W.D. is under the impression that Gen. Wainwright is in command here, although no such order has been issued, and Gen. MacArthur said when he left that he would command through me as Deputy Chief of Staff. I have asked Gen. MacArthur by radio to clarify the situation, but have heard nothing. Have also heard nothing as to what happened to President Quezon’s trip. I don’t know where he is now. Have sent radio to Sharp.