April 3rd 1942

Things look rather black. The attack which has been building up has been launched net the 2nd Corps front and, as was expected, has its main effort on the left of the 2nd Corps. The bombing is quite heavy both at the front and in the rear area’s and our lines are beginning to give away. Our Hosp. was hit by bombs. But with credit to whom it is due, I believe it was not deliberate. The Hosp. is on the main road with the Eng. Warehouses on one side and the Ord. on the other. The Japanese apologized over the Manila Radio.

The food is no better. I am quite thin, but feel quite well, although I did have a bad attack a day or so ago. My old adhesions cut up, I had to go to the Hosp. for an enema and afterwards, morphine before I got relief.

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