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April 4, 1942

Saturday Off Alasasin Pt.

Another bombless day at Corregidor with the swallows laying eggs over Mariveles in groups of 3,3,5,3,3,3, Finally, late in the afternoon around 6:30 we saw 4 dive bombers making a wide circle to the southward and westward. Suddenly we saw them come out of the sun over Mariveles and drop bombs. Then they circled and flew low over the same area, apparently strafing. They did this twice but the second time we saw one of them nose up — a parachute open and the plane dive into the sea. That’s the second one we’ve seen splash this week. Don’t know who shot it down – it might have been the NAPA – but more power to them. Same observers say that the other man jumped from the plane but his parachute did not open. A boat went out to pick them up, but, of course, we don’t know with what success.

This morning we saw what appeared to be a Seversky pursuit land at Bataan airfield??

Terrific artillery fire near the Bataan front about 3 o’clock in the morning.

The first mention today of U.S. Air Force in India with the bombing of a cruiser at Ft. Blair, Andaman Islands. The name of the unmuzzled reporter was Clark Lee; remind me to muzzle him.

letter from Capt. Guyton of Battery D, thanking the captain for the ples. So – the battery is still there and functioning efficiently. I’m glad it was his battery that did it. (See entry of January 22, 1942).

The days drag and the Jap offensive intensifies at the same rate as my love of family.