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April 4, 1942

Again no bombing today. This makes two days with no bombs. We had a couple of alarms, but nothing came over. One dive bomber was knocked down by a battery in Bataan. It fell in the water near here. Pilot bailed out but he also fell in the bay. The Japs attacked up front in Bataan last night and this morning. They put a dent in the front of the 41st Division yesterday and worked on the 21st Division today. Both have been pushed back, and in places are on their Regimental Reserve Lines. We are taking, and have taken, steps to stop this attack and I hope it will burn out. The situation is rather confused now (9 p.m.) but I hope it will be cleared up by morning. Again had a big day with paperwork but am still ahead of the game. Am sleeping well now and eat like a horse. I still am short a few pounds in weight, but am gaining.