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April 5, 1942

Sunday Off Alasasin Pt.

Happy Easter – and no eggs! Nevertheless, the wish is there. The Easter bunny only laid one egg and that was last evening.

A quiet day, as days go. The artillery fire and bombing of Bataan are continbous nowadays. I’ve given up trying to count the bombers – it’s a hopeless task. There are bombers – either of the dive or heavy variety – all day long. It’s terrific! Corregidor has been spared these last days because the Japs obviously don’t like the Fort’s AA fire.

There is a story that the night flights of the Japs over Corregidor were a farce. We listened on the radio circuit of the planes and the Japanese pilots were reporting, “I can’t find Corregidor”, which, of course, is preposterous because there was brilliant moonlight and our searchlights were picking them up 90 percent of the time. Each time the radio control would reply, “Don’t land with your bombs ; go back and try again”. That accounts for the many dummy runs and unloading of bombs in water.

After a quiet day we received orders just before dark, to get underway for a patrol of the East Coast of Bataan – 9 miles toward Manila, All went well prior to midnight.

No more for the moment.