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April 7, 1942

Tuesday Off Alasasin Pt.

This is another of those quite (not so quiet, at that) days which are rather discouraging. in spite of our high hopes last night, nothing happened. And so we end the fourth month of conflict with no aid whatsoever. And day after day the Jap planes bomb the daylights out of the Bataan front. I honestly don’t see how they can stand it. At one time today (6 p.m.) while one of our P-40’s was out doing something, there were never less than 19 Jap planes in sight, observing, diving, strafing, bombing. As I say, it’s discouraging to me; how must it be to the troops?

Cabcaben was bombed twice today by a new type of medium bomber. The AA guns poured it onto them but never hit. It didn’t seem possible with the terrific barrage, that they could fail to hit. These planes were quite low.

Lightfoot went ashore to replenish our larder but he was unable to dig up any encouraging information — or any information of any kind, for that matter.