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April 8/42

Things are very bad, our lines are cracking and it will not be long before we fall. I talked with several from the front today and they all said the end was here.

Little Baguio was bombed again, killing several and injuring many others, Many of the patients ran away into the woods and some of the worst cases were brought to Hospital No 2.

There are now about 6000-7000 patients in the hospital. They are coming in so fast that we can keep no record of them.

The enemy is steadily bombing, dive bombing and strafing our lines and roads to the rear, as well as all installations in the rear, with the exception of the two hospitals.

Small detachments and stragglers are pouring back towards Mariveles, as well as guns and equipment.

(8:00 pm) This is the end.

The enemy is now at Lamao and coming rapidly. Our resistance is practicably all gone. Corregidor is throwing over same artillery fire, but to no avail.

At about 10:00 pm all nurses were taken to Mariveles and there sent by boat to Corregidor.

At midnight we felt a sever earthquake for about a minute.