April 9th 1942

Ed Williams (Col. F.A.) and Marshal Hurt (Maj. Inf) went forward at 2:30 with the white flag. We have surrendered. I am of course anxious as to all of our futures. P of W are a low form of beings and no one can even guess what will be our fate. As to our campaign here, I have nothing but admiration for the handful of American Officers and men who with poor equipment and an untrained army of Filipinos, with worst equipment, totally devoid of air support, held out against an aggressive enemy, who i feel certain had to bring in a second army to knock us out for 4 months and a day.

I believe also that history will prove that it was through our efforts and by our tenacity that Australia was saved for the allies.

No one slept last night. We destroyed our ammunition. I was blown into a dug out by one blast, started at 2 AM and is still tonight. The dump rings our Hq., so we have spent the day under cover.

The General with his G3 (Coliier) and 2 aids went forward this A.M. to meet the Japanese. Just what the situation is, is not clear. The bombers are still at work and all afternoon, shells are going overhead. Late this P. M., a Japanese Capt. from the tanks came in to our Hq. Gen. Funk is with him. I understand that we are to remain here until tomorrow. Gen. Funk, after supper, was taken as hostage to Hosp. # 1 where the Japanese tank Co. O, has his Hg.

All firing has died down. The quiet is strange.

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