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Thurs., Apr. 23, 1942

Letter by messenger from Mr. Woods that Japs are on Guimeras [Guimaras] Island scouring each inch for food for army. Japanese women are fighting along with men in Iloilo and some Jap soldiers are mere boys, evidently boys and their mothers shooting and killing, living like wild animals and as ferocious.

Nauseating smell and taste of cold-storage chicken and beef. Had chicken from the ice plant at Central today and simply cannot swallow it, though Sejio and I spent a long time preparing it. Due to shortage of fuel for running the engines the cold-storage temperature in the ice plant has been raised and the meat is slightly “high.” Some people here like the taste but I shall go meatless before trying to eat it again. However, I shall cook it for the children as the spoiled taste does not bother them, and can only hope the extra cooking will destroy germs.