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April 28, 1942

Tuesday Ft. Hughes

Nothing much doing today. The Jeep dive bombers dropped a few on the east end of the fort and in the evening we fired a few rounds from our mortars. This should have been a quiet day – I understand it is the Japanese day of rest along with the 8th and 18th. I had the afternoon watch and observed very little. There were 3 small Jap
patrol boats or gunboats southwest of us near Fortune Island. I managed to write a letter to my family, which I hope arrives okay. To date, I’ve lost $6.30 playing Bridge in the evenings. I’ve certainly been holding lousy cards; in fact, I have yet to win on a single night. Doesn’t matter much. I haven’t much money so I can’t “waste” very much at the game. I’ve got to quit before I lose much. Sure would like to get out of here. All my love, darlings.