May 1, 1942

Friday Ft. Hughes

I learned upon my arrival at breakfast, that the Captain and I had received orders during the night detaching him and directing me to assume command. They are undoubtedly the most unique orders in the history of the Navy. I have been ordered to command a sinking ship. We had neither bomb nor shell fall on the island today. Nevertheless the others continue to catch hell. The captain wrote the following poem prior to leaving:

The Girl Whose Uncle Loved Her

Do you love me in May as you did in December?
Your glorious promises – don’t you remember?
I still can’t believe it was just a flirtation,
You told me that I was your great inspiration.

i thought your intentions were honest and true,

I thought that my heartaches made bothof us blue,

I thought you’d stick by me through thick and through thin,
I can’t go much longer, the shape that I’m in.

You promised to send me a beautiful ring,

Yet many a month and I haven’t a thing,

You likely don’t know that I constantly hear

Of your presents to other girls, distant and near.

Miss Malta, Miss Burma, to hell with the lot,
Please tell me what they have, that I haven’t got.
You’d better come clean with your girl in Bataan,
I can’t wait forever on any damn man.

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