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Sat., May 2, 1942

My sewing machine was brought in tied to a long bamboo pole carried by two men. Machine and men covered with dust. Several new and expensive electric machines were at the Central. No good here. This treadle machine was given me by a family moving to the States two years ago. Little sale yalue then and now. But after the war its price will doubtless be high. Seijo will build a floor under part of the house and the machine will be placed there for anyone at camp.

Sejio cutting pingas today of different lengths, shorter ones for less heavy cargo and longer for two full cans of water Strange as it seems, it is easier for boys to bring two 5-gallon cans of water balanced on ends of pinga than one tin alone on shoulder.

Shortage of calendars in camp and those who have them tear off sheets at end of month and pass on to those without calendars who are happy to have them. There’s been no mail since last Dec. 8. Most stores had not received theirs, so the calendar shortage can be understood.