May 3, 1942

Shocking and horrible stories were being repeated in the camp about the suffering of our captured forces. Forced marches without adequate food and water! Atrocities and brutality!

I saw several of the smuggled notes that had been written to wives by the captured men. Their stories were all the same. Hunger! Brutality! Death!

For quite some time the Japanese had been suspicious that we had a radio in camp, and no wonder! The other day American baseball scores were posted on the front bulletin board in the lobby of the Big House. The Japs were furious and puzzled. How did we get the results of the games so quickly? A thorough search and a crackdown of the entire camp was expected momentarily.

Meanwhile, life went on with the same deadly monotony, but fortunately there was plenty to do, for which we were grateful.

The drains at the sink were stopped up, and as we washed our dishes tonight, we struggled to keep our footing and balance in the foot-high muddy water.

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