May 3, 1942

Sunday Ft. Hughes

Up early this morning for the 4-8 watch. Saw the sun come up, looked around and then dropped down to the lower level where “the powers” seem to think we are safer although the observation positions themselves are far inferior. This is all an offshot of yesterday’s bombing which apparently threw a little of the fear of God into all. Before I had a chance to eat my breakfast the Colonel button-holed me and said the Pit was dirty and unsanitary.
I considered his objection highly ill-advised and certainly devoid of thought. Chow had been piped down at 0700 and by the time he spoke to me at 0750 there had been 2 air raids. When, may I ask, could the space be cleaned up? Later I was button-holed again about the salt water supply to the Head. That made me boil because we have been supplying salt water to date on our own initiative as an additional comfort — now he has the nerve to tell us
that we ain’t supplying enough. That’s life! But he won’t get a rise out of me. It does annoy me, though, because I’ve bypassed Captain McCracken in order to cooperate with the Army, because I thought it was our duty. Oh well! The Japs 240 mm gun opened up on us again and landed 5 shells in A Pit. Nice shooting. At night they resumed the barrage on Corregidor and it was truly terrifying! Last night they were alerted on the beach so
I imagine our casualties must have been high.

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