Sun. May 3/42

I just finished making out our reports. Have six blanks to fill out. I am getting a little bit fed up on so much red tape. Leo got along all right in the hospital and came home on Thursday, the 6th day of his stay there. He was very weak and still feels the effect of his experience. The folks upstairs lost their Radio, as it was not paid for and we have not had much news lately. Willie had a birthday last week so we had a few friends to come, and I gave them American fudge and hot cakes. Mr. Sarmiento made a cake and brought it. We laughed at the lack of things that go to make up a birthday party. One of the girls brought a shirt she had made for him. The very beautiful work and the gift were more than welcome. Willie is having quite a siege of boils at present, but he says they are subsiding some. He must have about 30 on his body now. We had good meetings today, 14 at Lerits and 17 at Misos. For their Bible Study in the afternoon they are taking Hebrews. Pretty hard for them, but they are learning slowly. At the present our daily routine is something like the following: Leo gets breakfast and we eat about 7:00 a.m. It consists of cracked wheat mush and coffee. Sometimes we have a bit of bread (given to us). Then I have about an hour to get my vegetables rounded up. If there are things like beans or a soup bone to deal with, I start the charcoal firewood is too erratic, and kerosene is 22 pesos for a five-gallon can. We start our home study about 8:30 a.m. and usually finish about 10:30 a.m. We are in Genesis now. Then Cecil cooks the rice and I finish the gulay and ulam and we eat about 11:30 a.m. Willie takes a siesta after dinner and sometimes we younger ones do too, unless we have something special in mind. Our afternoons are free, but we are forbidden to go out much. We sneak out to Cinco de Junio, and once or twice a week I get over to San Andres. Supper is pretty much every man for himself, whenever or wherever. Usually consider that two meals a day are fairly sufficient.

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