8 May 1942

At sea — DAMORTIS (Evening). Last night, I heard of the fall of CORREGIDOR and felt encouraged. Were scheduled to enter LINGAYEN Harbor in tie morning, but about noon, anchored off LINGAYEN. Moved slowly and then stopped off LINGAYEN Harbor. Some six transport ships from JAPAN were at anchor. When the group of interpreters bound for MANILA left ship, they gave three cheers. The (approximately) 100 who landed here, received various instructions after landing in front of the OMACHI Force Debarkation Office. The only currency used is the PESO. if we go into native houses we are not to touch things, etc, Walked about 1000 metres down a pitch-black road to a Line of Communication office and received lodgings. That was really fatiguing. The perspiration poured freely. I, as an interpreter went with 13 air-maintenance personnel (civilian employees) to a hut in the forest and lodged in the house of same fishing people. Another group, 18 soldiers, were put in a practically empty house nearby. After arriving, I, as representative of one of the houses, and 2 sergeant visited the transport office. Adjutant AKAO (#2) issued us tickets to MANILA for tomorrow.

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