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May 8, 1942

I had not yet gotten up when an interpreter came and said that I was wanted for questioning. I dressed at once and went with the Jap soldier. Col. Cottrell went also and I also took Col. Sledge. We waited for quite a while at the barrio market building before we were questioned. We were kept outside the building and sat on the concrete curb. Presently a Japanese colonel arrived and I was sent for. He asked me about the defenses of Corregidor and I told them (through the interpreter) that Col. Cottrell could answer such questions better than I, as he was Chief of Staff for the Harbor Defenses, so he was sent for. We were questioned for about thirty minutes and then released. However, we had to wait about two hours for the return of our interpreter who was concerned with guiding a Japanese prince through the tunnel. In the meantime we were given some crackers and jam by the interpreter as we had nothing for breakfast. We were finally taken back to the tunnel. All Jap officials were quite courteous. Gen. W. did not return today.