9 May 1940

At 9:40, we caught a three-coach gasoline train in front of DAMORTIS Station, bound for MANILA. All the other passengers were soldiers. On the way, five or six local people, bound for MANILA, got on. Each coach was like a streetcar. At each station along the way, we were bothered by people selling fruit, drinks, etc. They were selling wares which they called by JAPANESE names, They (TN : The enemy) have destroyed the bridges along the way and have fled. Most of TAMROK Village was burned. There were some hundreds of bicycles, busses, etc., destroyed along the road. These are indeed the results of war. Arrived at MANILA Station about 5 o’clock. I thought it was a poor station. When I arrived at the rail transport office on the second floor of the station, they said that NATSU 9855 Force (TN 65 Brigade) was at BAGUIO, near DAMORTIS. Immediately, in one of the famous horse carts, I went to Group Headquarters. There was an imposing building for the Army Administration office, formerly the Agriculture and Cammerce Department.

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