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May 13, 1942

Left on truck driving detail today. Before I left, I won 475 pesos and a 15 jewel Hamilton wrist watch. All I had left, when we left on detail, was 65 pesos, a $20 bill, and the watch.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, we left O’Donnell on trucks. There were 68 of us in the group. We were on our way to San Fernando. We stopped a couple of times along the way, and the Filipinos gave us Popcycles, and candy.

We arrived at Sen Fernando about 3 o’clock that afternoon. We were split up into smaller groups there. The group I was in, numbered 13. At 4 o’clock, we were given cars and trucks to drive. I drew a Ford
truck, with a large box. We left shortly after words for Cabanatuan.

I drove the truck till about 10 o’clock that night, when the lights went out. We aband[on]ed the truck.

I was told to drive an old Studebaker. The door was tied close with rope.

A couple of times we stopped along the road, and the Japanese with us, brought us cakes and fags.

A couple of K. from Cabanatuan, I drove off the road, and knocked the battery out of its case. It was bad driving, but I couldn’t help it, because I didn’t know the road.

I was pulled the rest of the way to Cabanatuan behind a truck.

We arrived at Cabanatuan shortly before midnight, We were well fed, and then showed where we were to sleep. I was dead tired, and fell asleep right away.

The next morning I awake at 6 o’clock when we had to stand revielle with the Japs. We had rice and soup shortly after.

Qur camp was at a schoolhousee Behind the schoolhouse was a track, and a wooden grand stand.

The trucks end cars were parked here.