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June 6, 1942

Yesterday we were very surprised to see Hector (Estrella’s son) and Monching (Melecia’s adopted son). Melecia had sent them into the mountains of Calinog looking for us to find out if we were safe. They told us that Melecia and Rose want us to return to Barotac to our farm where we would all be together. They felt that in numbers there was safety. Banditry in the hills has become rampant and civilians (especially those from the city) are being preyed upon. If we decide to return to Barotac, Agustin (Melecia’s husband) would send men to help carry our supplies cross-country. It will be about a 70- mile hike and will take us about 3 days.

Everything has been planned. The two younger children, Roland and Millard would be carried. There will be about 30 men carrying our supplies, bedding, clothes, kitchen utensils, as well as three cats and two birds, three dogs, a cow and calf, and ten of us including the servants. Can you imagine our caravan walking across the hills? What a picture we would make! Too bad I don’t have a camera – I would surely take a snapshot.