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August 29, 1942

It will be three months tomorrow that Coné was taken prisoner and I am wondering how much longer he will be held. I suppose for the duration of the war. There have been rumors of releasing them, but now it seems that the Japanese are guarding them very closely, as two Americans and one Filipino escaped to the mountains. Because of this escape, privileges have been taken away from the prisoners. Before, they were allowed to do their own marketing. Twice a week, and every Sunday they would attend mass at 9:00 a.m. Once a week they attended the movies to see Japan’s strength. When the prisoners were allowed to shop, many people went to the market to see them. The Japanese allowed us to give them food, as they were only getting rice and salt twice a day. Dr. Bernas met Coné one Monday morning and gave him money and food. Coné shook hands with him and was able to slip him a note. I am quoting it to you:

“July 24, 1942 –
We are here now in Ft. San Pedro. We were treated very well in Capiz at the Command Hospital where the commanding officer, Capt. Yamamoto was very nice to us. Of course, we were at first packed like sardines, but when the rest were sent to Pototan and I remained in the hospital to treat patients, we were treated like equals. The Japanese doctor even let me treat their officers and soldiers who had sores. One time we had to suture a big cut and he was my assistant. In Capiz we had meals three times a day, but here in Iloilo it is twice a day with rice and salt only; but we are allowed to go to the market twice a week – Wednesday and Sunday or Monday, about 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. Efrain is here with us (Coné’s nephew). The best contact is in the market. Do not come to visit. You may send John (our cook). I still have some money, but many do not have any as the Japanese took all their money.

Love, Coné”