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September 9, 1942

After the army has finally vacated the old building of Santo Tomas three days ago, classes in Medicine were re-opened. The old building is being used for classes and the St. Paul Hospital for clinical practice. Not only did the military administration authorize the re-opening of the hospital which had been sealed since the entry of the Japanese, but they also allowed the American Mary knoll sisters to work as nurses. The authorization came after six months of waiting and promises, of inspection and red tape, of buck-passing from Herod to Pilate, from the Bureau of Private Schools to the military. To top it all, the conditions that must be complied with are quite onerous: 1) The students must have to complete the past semester’s work which was not finished, 2) six Japanese professors have to be included in the faculty, without compensation, 3) the study of Nippongo is required for graduation.

Some 500 students enrolled. Although the number is less than half of last year’s enrolment, it turned out to be more than expected.