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Sept. 10 Thursday 1942

Calesthenics were much more satisfactory this morning. Breitling was in charge. His exercises were the first that I could call of any value. Nelson was here for school with Father Kennedy and said that he read last night the coments in Sharp’s report and was so made at the injustice of the report that he couldn’t sleep. Tremaine came by and we looked over some maps of this Island that I managed to bring into camp with me. We had a long discussion and are in accordance. Had a cold fine rain all afternoon, making the day miserable. Father Kennedy gave me the book, “The rains Came” By Louis Bromfield. I remember the movie with George Brent, Myrna Loy and Tyrone Power. I skimmed over the books I couldn’t get really into it because of the bulky discriptions and characterizations. There is enough in it to satisfy anyone. Took a Latin textbook out of the library this noon and was surprised at the ease with which I can read the latin lessons. Believe I will attempt to read Cicero in the Latin but I know this will not be a cinch. Had a discussion with Father Kennedy about Darwin’s discussion of Natural Selection in the “Origin of Species” which I am reading. It is rumored that all officers are to be taken to Formosa this month. Hope not.