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October 3, 1942

We arrived at Estrella’s place in San Carlos at 4:30 a.m. A USAFFE car passed us on the road and they were kind enough to give us a lift. There were 15 of us packed like sardines in a six-passenger car. Our cargo was loaded on three carts drawn by three caraboas (water buffalo). When we arrived we hardly knew Estrella’s place. The garden was a wilderness of plants grown so tall as to partly cover the house. I had to leave Billy (the cockatoo) and Dickie, the blackbird, as there was no room on the cars for their large cages. They will stay behind with Melecia, Agustin and Maring who are not leaving. Maring said she would care for them. I hope that the house will not be destroyed as my most precious things are there. Before leaving Barotac I gave to the USAFFE all of Coné’s clinic supplies such as sponges, some medicine and sheets to be used for bandages. Also some towels. The USAFFE has so little of everything, but still they are carrying on.

Three days ago an American marine, Capt. Harris passed through here with 4 Filipino officers. Capt. Harris escaped from Corregidor. He swam across Manila Bay to Bataan. From Bataan he went by sailboat to the Bicol Provinces, took another sailboat to Masbate, and on to Panay. He was escorted by Filipino USAFFE members to Mt. Baloy where some Americans who did not surrender are in hiding. We did not see Capt. Harris and his companions, but we heard that his beard was down to his waist.