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February, 1943*

(*Undated, but located between January 12, 1943 and March, 1943)

I was in camp today and heard quite a tale. Sex has reared its ugly head again in camp. An enterprising young man placed his cot in the angle of the hallway outside a big dormitory. He was renting his bed, conveniently and more or less privately located as it was, for two pesos an hour, no questions asked, guard duty by himself included. He was discovered, whether by dissatisfied clients who claimed he turned the clock ahead, or by actual patrol guards, I know not. Now they are talking of sending all the men away to another camp. At least, they threaten to do away with the shacks. Life is very complicated.

The aftermath of the bed-renting episode was that women could not go to the shacks with even their own husbands after sundown. The enterprising young man was put in jail, and in questioning him, the Japs found out he was actually from the Air Corps, and had put on civilian clothes and stayed in town when the Army pulled out. Under torture, he ratted and revealed the names of some thirty others in camp who really were military posing as civilians. Their fate was never known. They were shipped out, some say to the dungeons of Santiago others believe they went to Cabanatuan.