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March 1, 1943

Joy of all joys! We received a letter from Coné this morning and I shall quote it to you:

“February 24, 1943

Dearest Honey,

Thank God we arrived safely last Sunday with Efrain after eight days of sailing in an old motor boat. Our companion motor boat capsized under our very nose. It had started leaking when we left Manila, and we had to tow each other, by turn, due to engine trouble.

The school here is open and it would be better for the children to attend school at Colegio de San Jose. They now accept boys as well as girls.

Most of our furniture is still here, but the aparadors are empty of clothes. When the appropriate time comes I want you all to take our important things, especially my trunk and instruments and drugs so I can practice.

I cannot leave the city – not advisable since I have to report every week.

I am getting stronger. Dorothy and Meñing are very kind to me, and Dorothy has been taking care of my diet.

There is no need to be too much in a hurry to come to the city. We have been away so long from each other, so do not take unnecessary risks in coming – come when safe. Tell Agustin, Melecia and Rose of my desire that you come to Jaro if there is no danger along the way. Perhaps in a couple of weeks, trucks will be running to Barotac and a train may run to Pototan.

I am sending you a can of guava jelly and a big can of margarine through the relative of a former patient (the wife of the man to whom I gave 13 blood transfusions). I will have to stop writing now as she is waiting for the letter.

Love to all”

We were so overjoyed at getting his letter that we cried and thanked God for His goodness!

I am very much afraid that Coné’s old problem with his stomach (ulcer) has flared up again due to poor diet and these stressful times. As soon as all is safe and we are sure of no more ambushing we shall return to Jaro.