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July 1, 1943

General Homma told the Philippine Mission which was sent to Tokyo to witness the Japanese war machine: “Notwithstanding the favorable report of Prime Minister Tojo, your country remains the most anti-Japanese conquered region. You will be granted your Independence not because you are collaborating sincerely with Japan, nor because you deserve it, but because of the magnanimity of Japan.” Roma locuta est, causa finita est.

And even if Homma did not say so…

Aside from the state of open rebellion existing in the Visayas and some mountainous regions of Luzon, an increasing movement of some kind of fifth column secretly directed is operating with efficiency, both in Manila and the adjoining regions.

In Sta. Mesa, a number of Japanese were killed in three consecutive incidents. Some members of the neighborhood patrols are scared and in many places the vigil has been suspended. The vigilants are equipped with sticks, while the guerillas were armed to the teeth.

Alejandro Roces, Jr., while leaving his house was shot to death together with his wife. The father, owner of the TVT, seeing his son and daughter-in-law being carried, lifeless, into the house, suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. The press published the news of the father’s death but was silent on the cause and manner of the son’s death.