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October 13, 1943

Today, the eve of proclamation day, activity was undertaken—as simple as it was new. For the first time since the withdrawal of Spanish sovereignty in this country, the government in full attendance was present in a religious act: a Mass at the Cathedral celebrated by Msgr. Guerrero, auxilliary bishop of Manila, followed by the solemn processional of the Veni Creator attended by the President-elect, the members of the Commission and all the government officals and employees together with their families. The ceremony was impressive in its simplicity. Dr. Laurel, with his prayer book in his hand, gave the example of religious fervor.

It is to be noted that the Constitution would not interfere with the Church nor with religious congregations. The preparatory commission had rejected certain quarters which pressured it into a draconic legislation of the Mexican style. Under the new statute, the Church will enjoy the guarantees which it could expect in these times and under these circumstances