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October 21, 1943

Six months have elapsed since I have written and many events have taken place.

On May 15, I went to St. Paul’s hospital for a much-needed rest. I remained there for three weeks. While I was there, a Mrs. Davis (an American from the concentration camp) was admitted. She was suffering from a kidney ailment. At 6:00 p.m. every evening I would visit her and we had some long talks. She told me the Americans and British were well treated in the camp and no abuses committed. They wanted to remain in Iloilo (not to be sent to Manila) as here they are allowed to receive food and other articles from outside, as well as a small allowance from the Japanese which is 50 centavos per day. There are a total of 98 people in the camp, including children. On May 21 there was a wedding in the hospital garden. Miss Buchner (age 42 – an American missionary) married Mr. Casanave (age 45 – a local Spanish/Filipino civilian). It was a very pretty wedding. Some Japanese attended the wedding. The war cannot stop Cupid. Many marriages are taking place every day.

Dr. Cullen was taken from the provincial jail unconscious and brought to the hospital. The Japanese officer in charge of the prisoners was very kind to him and carried him to the car and accompanied him to the hospital.