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May 1, 1944 (Monday)

Opening Ceremonies at the Keisatsu Koshajo. At 9:00 a.m. we held opening ceremonies at the Police Lecture Hall at Kudan Hill to start our 3-month course on police matters. Mr. Taniguchi, Chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Board and a representative of the Ministry of Home Affairs, delivered speeches. We were shown around the premises of the building and were oriented on our schedule and the rules and regulations. The building is a rather dignified one situated on one of Tokyo’s best avenues, lined on both sides with rows of sakura trees running all the way from the Yasukuni Shrine to the Imperial Palace.

Tomorrow our regular classes will start, but I doubt if we will learn much. This a.m. we received more than half a dozen books (in Japanese) whose titles we cannot even read or guess. Hope they are more practical.

Nippon Dental Science. 1 have lost faith in Japanese dental science. The bridge I had fixed last time at the Nippon Dental Hospital (considered one of the best in Tokyo) pained me so much that I had to have it removed at another dental clinic for repair. I hope they do it well this time, although I doubt it. I still think we have better dentists in the P.I.