May 7, 1944

Shelters, arbors, roofed gardens, shacks and cubby going up in wide variety, ingenuity and attractiveness.

Camp Bulletin: “The Consensus of opinion [is] that available relief funds appropriated for purchase of additional meat for the whole camp would be a wiser expenditure than would be the distribution of such funds for personal relief. No meat has been furnished the camp by Japanese authorities for some time. Whenever beef or pork has formed the main part of the menu, it has been purchased with these relief funds. . . . With the closing of the camp office in town a new ruling came into effect. . . that relatives can bring clothes and toilet articles but no food, once a week on Sunday mornings to the guardhouse.”

The dentist is going to charge. The dentist says he has seen lots of missionaries buy many times more than he is able to buy at the store every week and he figures they can pay him for dental work. The small daughter of the dentist is now wearing a white embroidered coat given by someone in gratefulness for having her tooth fixed. The first payoff, taken without scruple.

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